Aurora Wetsuits are specially designed for women.

Flattering the female body, they are colourful, soft and stretchy. Giving you great support and look for scuba diving.

Originally from the UK and Czech Republic we traveled the world diving into every opportunity to explore the ocean's story.

Being mesmerized by the oceans and coastal beauty we felt that we don’t do them justice with our traditional black wetsuits. Every time we enter the Ocean we are surrounded by a magnificent diversity of colours. We feel that by indulging in these colours and shapes it helps us to be at one with the natural beauty of marine life. Adding that extra fun to our diving trips.

Clothing is a form of self-expression and the colours do matter. We designed Aurora wetsuits with unique patterns and bursts of colour to let your personality show. Looking your best adds the extra confidence to your diving.

Designed for woman especially the cut of Aurora wetsuits is super comfortable and flattering. However, we know it's not all about the looks. Our wetsuits are made of high-quality stretch neoprene ensuring the best performance underwater.


Making every bubble count. No more compromises with good quality boring black suits or colourful but compressed surf suits. Get your Aurora wetsuit to be the unconditional scuba mermaid. 


The most bad ass girl on the planet. Not only is she great and powerful but her beauty cannot be described.


Named after the northern lights, she rains sunshine on everyone's day.

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