Aurora Wetsuits was founded in 2019 by Eliska and Jordan Griffiths, and Eliska has personally designed women’s scuba wetsuit and diving leggings in our range.


Both avid water lovers, Eliska is a passionate diver, underwater photographer, and videographer while Jordan is a PADI Instructor and dive center manager.


Originally from the Czech Republic and the cold northern reaches of the UK respectively, opportunities to explore the oceans came few and far between. So our founders have spent a significant portion of the last few years traveling the world, and diving (quite literally!) into every opportunity to explore the ocean's story...



Hi! We are Eliska & Jordan Griffiths, the founders of Aurora Wetsuits. We are on a mission to provide practical, durable, colourful and comfortable women’s wetsuits and scuba dive leggings that all female divers out there can both look and feel great in. And we’d like to achieve that in the most eco-friendly and environmentally conscious way possible!

One thing we’ve noticed on our travels is that although the number of female divers – and especially female dive professionals – is increasing, the diving attire industry has been slow to catch up. As a result, the women’s scuba wetsuit market is still dominated by boring and ill-fitting dull black wetsuits. Women’s choices should definitely be more varied than this, and as a couple who share a mutual admiration for women in diving and for the oceans and coastal beauty in general, we felt that traditional women’s wetsuits for diving just don’t do their wearers or their mesmerizing surroundings nearly enough justice. Every time we enter the ocean we are surrounded by a magnificent diversity of colours, and we firmly believe that what our scuba diving mermaids wear underwater should reflect that.

And so Aurora Wetsuits was born! - Why Aurora?



The most bad ass girl on the planet. Not only is she great and powerful but her beauty cannot be described.


Named after the northern lights, she rains sunshine on everyone's day.

Urban Dictionary

From the very start, we were agreed on catering to the female market only (sorry guys!) as this is where the gap in the product market truly lies. We were also particular on wanting to focus only on women’s wetsuits and diving leggings specifically for scuba diving. Many of the big brands have a ‘one solution suits all’ approach to women’s wetsuits, however, depending on which watersports you do, the needs and requirements for what you want from a wetsuit will vary. So we weren’t interested in compromising with compressed surfing wetsuits. We wanted to stick to what we know, and provide amazing options for our fellow scuba mermaids with a range of dedicated women’s scuba wetsuits for diving!

We’re not in business simply to plug a gap in the market, however. This is a passion project for us, and we have endless enthusiasm for making sure our scuba diving leggings and women’s wetsuits are the best solutions for women divers everywhere! We are incredibly proud to have designed and manufactured our range of fun wetsuits and dive leggings for:



Our suits are soft and stretchy, and give great support in all the right places.

For every woman

Plus size women’s wetsuits are available.

Every personality

After all, clothing is a form of self-expression! Our unique patterns and bursts of colour let your personality shine.

Enhanced confidence

Looking your best underwater adds extra confidence on your dives.

The best quality

We manufacture using high-quality stretch neoprene ensuring the best performance underwater.

But it doesn’t stop there for us. As dedicated nature lovers, we both despair with issues that affect the health of the planet, its delicate ecosystem and all of its inhabitants. So our greatest desire was to build a sustainable and customer-focused brand that not only provides excellent value and actively listens but at the same time one that has environmental and fair trade policies that we can stand by. So we put our hearts into developing our policies based on our passions for the ultimate feel-good factor.

So that’s us! We hope you’ve liked what you read here and can get a feel for us and our goals. We very much hope to hear from you soon. Whether you are looking for a women’s shorty wetsuit, full-length wetsuit or a pair of scuba dive leggings, we’d love to help you find your perfect scuba diving outfit. Feel free to contact us directly for any further information you need to make every bubble count and become an unconditional scuba mermaid!