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Frequently asked questions

Is this the right wetsuit to buy for diving?

Yes, made from high quality pressure resistant neoprene Aurora wetsuit will keep you warm and comfortable while diving. 4 way flex also allows you to dive with out restrictions and all our designs have long sleeves. Providing protection from any BCD shaffing or rubbing. Lightweight and easy to pack, take your Aurora wetsuit with you all around the world on vacation. No more rentals needed feel like a mermaid where ever you are.

What wetsuit size do I need?

To pick the right size of wetsuit please refer to our sizing guide below. Aurora wetsuits are stretchy and allow for wider range of body measurements in each size. Keep in mind wetsuit should be tight in order to keep you warm and stop water from circulating inside the suit. Therefore even the lowest point of given measurements is slightly larger than the actual wetsuit size to ensure the stretch and optimal body fit. The upper end on the other hand represents maximum stretch capacity for comfortable fit. If all your body measurement are on the upper side of the range you can expect the wetsuit to be tight yet still well fitting.

How do you tell the wetsuit is too small: If you feel uncomfortable in your suit it might be a sign that it's too small. Your wetsuit should not squeeze uncomfortably around the neck and restrict breathing or blood flow. Wetsuit is also small when is stretched so tightly that the material no longer conforms to your body. For example, if a wetsuit is stretched so tight it no longer conforms to the small of your back and leaves a hollow, it will allow water to circulate inside the suit and defeat the ability of the suit to keep you warm. New Bohemian collection allows for larger measurements. So if you are ordering Bohemian shorty or long wetsuit needing for example size 12 (US 8) - choose size M. If you struggle to pick the size or you need a larger suit, please contact us.

How do I wash and dry my wetsuit?

In order to keep your wetsuit fresh and in good condition we recommend the following steps: After using your wetsuit always rinse with cool fresh water by turning it inside out and either rinsing with a shower or soaking inside a water bucket. This includes also in pools as chlorine will deteriorate the material over time. Check that all zips are free sliding and have no salt build up or corrrosion. If so use a tooth brush to clean this area of the zip. Don't use any oil based chemicals in the cleaning process this will degrade the neoprane reducing lifespan. During heavy usage we recommend to occasionaly clean your wetsuit with some reef safe wetsuit shampoo, this removes any body oils and build up of odours. For drying leave the wetsuit inside out and hang it on a coat hanger out of direct sunlight in a dry airy area. As excessive sunlight will eventually fade the colours. Once the inside is dried turn right way round and dry in same way. When fully dried store on the coat hanger or flat without any kinks or sharp folds in the wetsuit.

Best way to put my Aurora wetsuit on?

Our recomendation for our long wetsuit is to start with it completly inside out. Place your feet in the foot holesaccordingly and then slowly roll the wetsuit on up the legs. Around the waist and then one hand at a time roll the sleeve up the arm and around the shoulder. A nice easy donning of a wetsuit. Finish by zipping it up. Should you feel resistance, try to rinse your self with water and the wetsuit too in this area. Try not to really tug a wetsuit, by doing this the elasticity is being affected, creating a baggy fit. For short wetsuits, you can put on the correct way round, first legs through and have it around the waist and then just take the arms inside out and place hand through each hand hole, rolling it up the arm and around the shoulder. Finish by zipping it up. However his is generally down to personal preference and comfort in different techniques. This being our guide. Another way to lower the friction and put the wetsuit on easily would be to wear very thin exposure suit or leggings underneath. Aurora wetsuits do not support the plastic bag method, as Ocean guardians we believe this is not a logical technique and counter intuitive to use plastic..

How long will wetsuit last?

Aurora wetsuits are designed and manufactured to last. However this changes upon frequency of use and care maintaned. We use only the best materials on the market as we believe it's worth to spend a bit extra on quality in order to get long lasting product and reduce our waste.

What material do you use?

Aurora wetsuits are made of 3mm neoprene that comes from Taiwan. We were testing various types of the best graded neoprene on the market and found this one the ideal for diving suits. It is stretchy and soft which makes it very comfortable for wearing. At the same time it is well resistant to compression.

How do diving wetsuits work?

Diving wetsuits don't keep you dry, they keep you warm while diving. They are designed to allow a little amount of water between your skin and women's wetsuit upon water entry. The neoprene in which your beautiful wetsuit is made of acts as insulating material alongside your body. Heating the water that is trapped and minimizing water flow with a correctly fitted women's wetsuit. This helps to keep your body at a comfortable temperature during your entire dive.

Why should I wear a wetsuit?

Your Aurora wetsuit will allow you to enjoy your dive from start to finish. In varying conditions of water temperature without getting cold. Even in warmer tropical waters some people still prefer or require to wear a wetsuit, in order to maintain their core temperature.Diving wetsuits can also offer protection against the sun and unwanted abrasions.

How do I return a wetsuit to Aurora wetsuits?

If you should have to return your women's diving wetsuit or dive leggings please follow our returns policy.

Why should I purchase from Aurora wetsuits?

Here at Aurora wetsuits, we are committed to designing and manufacturing women diving wetsuits and leggings to the highest possible standard. Along with our customer base being what keeps the evolution of Aurora going, you can expect exceptional customer service throughout your purchase. Not just a goal, it's our passion and deals with each customer personally.
Offering the amazing ladies of the scuba world a diving wetsuit they can be proud of. Being able to express yourself, show a burst of color, and feel like a goddess. No more limitations in traditional black wetsuits. While still offer great performance in the water and made with love, your aurora wetsuit will keep you warm and diving for many a trip ahead.

What are the payment policies?

Aurora wetsuits accept the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Your credit card will be charged when you make your purchase. We also accept payments via Paypal.

How should I pack my wetsuit for traveling?

To pack your beautiful wetsuit for traveling, we advise you to keep it away from any sharp or hard objects. Also if you have the room we suggest to roll you diving wetsuit in order to avoid excess creasing or damage.