Aurora wetsuits is more than just a female wetsuit brand. We want to empower the female community of the diving world, along with giving useful diving tips and ocean conservation ideas. Diver's dive for the love of the ocean, exploring the underwater world and as mermaids we are all ambassadors for the marine world. 

Aurora Wetsuits blogs are posted from within our current Ambassador Team, who are working and caring for the ocean around the world. They too share the desire to spread their experiences and tips through the growing  community. From becoming a professional scuba diving instructor to tips on saving the sea.

Fede is our latest Ambassador to share her experience with the community, currently located in the Maldives she takes us through her journey from starting diving to becoming a pro diver and what you can expect from the Maldives as a country and marine life encounters. Her writing keeps you wanting more and on the edge of your seat, check out her posts below.