It is important to us that we consider our impacts, and as such our company policies have been developed to provide the maximum protection possible to the environment, to our staff and to our customers. At Aurora Wetsuits, it is not just the bottom line that matters to us. It is the journey of how we get there, and the knowledge that as a company, we are being as responsible as possible in the design, manufacture, and distribution of our fun wetsuits and diving leggings.

Environmental Passions

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Durability - We firmly believe that a primary goal should be to reduce before we recycle. By investing in great quality fabrics for all of our women’s scuba wetsuits and scuba dive leggings, and making sure they are tailored to the highest possible standards, we can ensure minimum waste as well as a final product that should outlast those of our competitors many times over.

No Single-use Plastic – When being delivered, our wetsuits are wrapped in paper instead of plastic, and shipped in recycled paper boxes or mailers made of recycled plastic.

Responsibility - Our Bohemian collection is made from eco-friendly limestone neoprene, and we are constantly searching for new ways to make our products more ecological and further reduce waste.

Fair Trade Passions

No Exploitation - Although it means we are often unable to compete at the same price point as bigger brands, we are dedicated to manufacturing wetsuits for diving in smaller quantities, rather than on a mass-production scale. This includes paying a fair price for our raw materials and tailoring work. If we push the factory management for low prices, they will push their staff into longer working long hours at a low payment rate, and this is something we would never be comfortable with.

Fair Working Conditions – We personally visit the factories where our women’s diving wetsuits and scuba diving leggings are manufactured. We are committed to meeting the manufacturing staff in person and ensuring good working conditions are in place for them. We regularly request pictures and video calls direct from the production line to check the manufacturing process, and use a factory where employees work a 5 day week rather than 6, which is more usual in factory-based and specifically manufacturing industries.

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Commitment to Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We are actively trying to build a brand that openly communicates and listens to our customers, and we are always appreciative of your feedback and comments.

We always hope our consumers will be happy with their choice of women’s shorty wetsuit, women’s long wetsuit, women’s plus size wetsuit or women’s diving leggings. However, we have developed shipping and returns policies that we feel are fair in the event of any problems, and are honest and upfront about our online privacy policy.

We hope you can find value in the steps we are taking to do our best in building a sustainable brand.