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5 ways to save the sea

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

1. Use reef-safe sunscreen. This is something no one really seems to know about but sunscreen contains loads of ingredients that are toxic to our coral reefs. Yes, we want to save our skin but we also need to save those reefs. So have a look at those labels and check if it says ‘reef safe’ or ‘reef-friendly’. Not only is it better for coral reefs, but these harsh, chemical-free sunscreens are also better for you too. Some great brands you can have a look at are Coola, Sun Bum and All Good.

2. Avoid those straws. Even if they get served to you, give them back. The more you refuse to use them the more restaurants and street vendors will stop giving them out. Get yourself a bamboo, steel or glass straw, or support restaurants using them or even edible pasta or wild grass straws. Save the turtles, say no to the straw.

3. Get yourself a cool lunch box. (mermaid design options always available for that extra ocean vibe) and when you pick up your takeaways, ask them to put your food in there instead. That way you’re reducing your single-use plastic and get to have your lunch old school style. And we all know less plastic equals happier whales.

4. Choose products that last. Here at Aurora Wetsuits we believe strongly that buying products that last is the way forward. Reduce the number of products that will eventually need to be recycled or become waste goods. No more buy cheap, buy twice! Our diving leggings and wetsuits are made to the highest quality, durable and will outlast your normal dive wear. Going one step further we have made our latest collection of women's scuba wetsuit out of limestone! Check it out here and read more about this unique diving wetsuit.

5. Have a birthday party and celebrate with double the amount of cake and no balloons. Those balloons last less than a day and sure they make things look festive for a little while, but they stick around floating in the ocean for thousands of years to come. Rather eat loads of cake and get more gifts with the money you saved from not buying balloons. Your guests will love you for it, the ocean will be cleaner and let’s be honest there'll be less cleaning up for you to do.

6. Get rid of those tampons and get yourself a Goddess cup. They go by a couple of different names but for the sake of understanding let’s call this a period cup. Made out of silicon that is toxin safe, easy to use and 100% reusable, not to mention healthier for your body and far more convenient. As a diver, this changed my life completely. You only need to “change” it morning and night (that’s twice a day instead of a couple of times of changing, finding a place to throw it away, and leakage happens far less) Yes it takes a few times of trying to get the placement just right, but once you use it, you’ll never go back. I always change mine in the shower and I guarantee it’s not nearly as messy as dealing with uncomfortable, environmentally unfriendly tampons. They are far cheaper than buying tampons monthly and come in different sizes to accommodate different flows and different female's body sizes. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. I promise it will change your life, your monthly spending and best of all the environment and ocean too.

7. Choose companies that do not pack their products in plastic. Although sometimes hard to achieve this point is very important. In order to reduce and eliminate the amount of plastic and microplastics floating in our oceans, we have to make smart choices in our daily purchases. It's an uneasy task as most items come wrapped in single-use plastic. However, there are many companies that are trying to make a difference. Taking that extra time to buy your goods at shop that's mindful of the environment will go a long way. Every packet counts and each of us can make a difference. Join us at Aurora wetsuits and make a stand against single-use plastic. We proudly pack each of our orders personally and use recycled paper boxes or mailers made of recycled plastic.

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