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Becoming a female diving instructor: My journey

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

About the author:

Fede (Federica) is 32 years old passionate diving instructor from Italy. For the past 5 years she has been living abroad, doing what she likes most: teaching scuba diving, protecting the ocean one dive at the time and talking to fish! Being a great member of Aurora ambassador team she shares her motto “Leave no Traces, Only Bubbles” through our blog.

Currently living the dream in the Maldives, Fede loves to dive in her Divine diving leggings. Vibrant colors and great fit of our women's wetsuits makes her stand out of the crowd and express herself. Although she is not in just for the looks and fun, she shares Aurora's passions, actively comments on the designs from practical point of view and inspires many with her blog.

Read her fascinating story of how does one overcome the fear of water and becomes a scuba diving instructor!

If just 7 years ago, someone had told me that today I would be living in the middle of the ocean on a tiny island, I would have probably thought this someone was crazy. Although I was having what most people could call a normal life, I had the chance and luck to travel abroad for what became a life-changing trip.

I had always been a swimmer, but I was scared of deep and dark blue water; I have a vivid memory of a group boat trip with my family, when I was probably about 7 years old, where someone had to lift me on his shoulders to take me back to shore at the end of the day, there was too much seagrass and very little sand, the water was just too dark for me. You might think that is probably a common fear for little kids, but this fear was always next to me even when I was a teenager and a little older than that. I had traveled a lot with my family and seen some beautiful seas, but still, it never clicked. I even tried to scuba dive once, but I was mainly a buoy floating and wondering why I was doing that. I just hated it.

After my graduation at Uni, I got a flight ticket to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen so far: Maldives. Not only it was a magical place for me to see, but I was there to visit my brother who loved the water way more than I did and worked there as a scuba diving instructor. It was some quality family time, in an incredible place.

I will not bore you with the small details but in March 2012 my life changed forever. After a unique encounter with a great barracuda, while snorkeling on a beautiful reef with my brother (I have to be honest, I used him as a shield when that happened), he thought he was the right time for me to try one last time scuba diving. I bet I’d freak out and wanted to prove to him I was just not meant to be a diver.

If I close my eyes right now and think back at those days, I remember my first giant stride from a boat. One second, and I was down there, blowing bubbles, looking at the fish, living the moment. Everything was just pure magic. I felt incredibly alive.

7 years after here I am, a scuba diving instructor with some years spent in the diving industry, living in the middle of the ocean on a tiny island, doing what I love most: teaching people how to scuba dive!

I finally realized that I wasn’t scared of the water, I instead had a deep respect for something so powerful and yet so beautiful as the underwater world.

I am totally in love with the ocean, the sea, the mystery that lies under the horizon line; every plunge is the beginning of something that can not be explained with justice, if not lived.

A new journey has started for me where I will be sharing thoughts, news, and contents through the Aurora Wetsuits world.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning...

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