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How Aurora Wetsuits is helping to fight COVID-19

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The changing world, living through the COVID-19 epidemic. Currently, we are going through a very challenging period, we find the impact of COVID-19 as extremely worrying. It’s hard to process exactly how severe this situation is considering how evolved and developed the world and humanity are in 2020. Recently the number of infected reached the 1 million mark and is still rising. Although it seems very bleak and difficult to comprehend that we as individuals can make a huge difference in the fight against this virus.

At Aurora Wetsuits our team is currently divided and seeing out our quarantine in the Czech Republic and Roatan, Honduras respectfully. While designing women’s wetsuits and scuba diving leggings for you we are seeing different approaches by local governments in handling the crisis. In both the Czech Republic and Roatan, social distancing together with strict hygiene policy has proved to be vital for reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Wearing a mask to protect breathing ways has been imposed in many Asian countries starting in China, Singapore, South Korea. And later adopted by some European countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia. All of the mentioned countries have managed to slow down the spread of the virus and control the disease in time.

At Aurora Wetsuits we believe masks should be prioritized to medical forces and other emergency task teams. However, we also believe it’s important we all wear a mask to cover breathing ways in public places and keep strict hygiene policies in order to help reduce the virus spread.

Rather than buying a single-use mask from a shop, we can all make one!

As we can’t, unfortunately, dive at the moment. We are making reusable cotton face masks in our free time. Whether you order fun a wetsuit or diving leggings we will make a free face mask for you and send it with your order.

How to take care of your reusable face mask?

Cotton masks are soft and comfortable to wear. You can also reuse them if you follow simple rules. It’s important to sterilize your mask after every use. When your mask is made of 100% cotton this is quite simple. Leave it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Then let it dry and iron it with steam, this helps to increase the sterilization process. After this, your mask is clean and ready to be used again.

You can, of course, do a whole lot more to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Let us take a look at 3 simple steps to reduce the spread from one person to another.


The virus can be passed on from person to person by little droplets when coughing or sneezing. One example could be someone coughs onto their hand and then touches a door handle.

One of the basic and most crucial ways to protect yourself and also others is by washing your hands thoroughly and often. Using soap and water or by carrying a hand sanitizing gel where needed. It is very important to wash your hands before eating, touching your face or when entering a workplace/ home.

If you are feeling unwell it is crucial that you catch your coughs and sneezes in a tissue, through the tissue away straight away and wash your hands.

Using a face mask can also reduce your risk of infection.


Home quarantine has come into place in many countries around the world, including Italy, Czech Republic, Honduras, and Columbia. Why is this important? It's to decrease the interaction between people to reduce the spread of the virus by minimizing contact as much as possible.

We understand that home quarantine can become quite frustrating and tedious. However, it is vital to think about the positive effect this will have on reducing the spread. We encourage people to use these difficult times to engage in different activities. We have currently been self-isolating for 3 weeks now only venturing out to get vital supplies of groceries and household items, even better if your local area has a supermarket doing a delivery service. It does get tiresome at times. But by keeping the brain active we can distract ourselves from the horror that is happening and also try to build a quarantine routine. Whether it be working from home, spending more time with your children or siblings in the family home, getting artistic with crafts or supporting local community charities where possible. And plan your next diving holidays! It is important to stick to the quarantine, not just for yourself but for the loved ones around you. Unfortunately, you see people saying “I will just go see this one person” Seeing one person does not seem too dangerous, but then if everyone was to think that and do it we are back to square one and the virus cycle continues.


Keeping up to date with your Government’s announcements and watch the news to see what is changing. During this time as it is something of an unknown to the world, countries are making changes quick and fast. Sometimes it is hard to stay up to date with it. Please do not take everything you read on the internet or social media as the correct way or procedure. Always listen to the professionals and local agencies within your area. State announcements are a reliable source.

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