How to get yourself back into diving after a break

Ocean ambassadors, we know the difficulty you are feeling and going through during the current COVID-19 period. We are all affected in this global epidemic, been housebound for such a period and restrictions with work. Our lifestyle and routines as we know it was very quickly turned upside to the unknown world we are currently living through. As divers we are eager to don our wetsuits once again and are used to exploring the underwater world, the beautiful nature it holds and the spiritual forces it brings us. From diving professionally daily through to recreational holiday divers this is a long surface interval we are riding out. All looking forward to jumping back into the depths and meet our old friends of the reef and explore those new locations.

This will not last forever and we are hopeful that this will be possible sooner rather than later. If you’re anything like the Aurora team you are currently counting down the days until you get to go diving again once this is all over. What can be done in the meantime? We have several ideas that are available to us to keep our connection and addiction fed. We will take you through some of our ideas that can help you be ready to job straight back in.

For experienced divers getting back in after a break might feel like second nature, however, for more inexperienced or newer divers it might not be quite that easy. So, we are here to give you some tips, help to settle those nerves, and hopefully get you ready to dive right back in.

First off, during your dry spell keep your knowledge fresh and your motivation high. There are a few different ways to do this, go over your open water manual or advanced open water manual if you still have them. One thing I also recommend doing is reading some of the other chapters in the advanced manual. For example, even if you didn’t complete the Fish Identification dive for your course, you can still read the chapter to improve your knowledge and even ask your instructor questions if you have any. Part of our knowledge and guidance comes not just from our dive organization but also by watching informative documentaries, learning about different species, and the symbiosis relations between them. Along with interesting reads of divers, this makes us aware of other people's experiences and lessons. Most importantly it keeps your mind busy, focused on that goal of returning to your second home meaning motivation. Motivation and a positive mindset are hugely beneficial to help us through these tough times.

Diving equipment is crucial to our world of diving. Go through your current equipment, make sure that it is still in good shape, give it a good clean and keep the dust off it. Well maintained equipment is the way to dive, find any faults, or spot any issues. Contact your local manufacturer's service center and have it serviced professionally. Be safe and ready to jump in knowing your equipment is ready to support you on your journey to the tropical rainforest and back.

As we know the current market of the dive industry is like any other. Just like families business also feels the current situation. Use this chance to support your local dive shop whilst also acquiring that amazing piece of dive equipment you have been thinking about. Whether it be an upgrade to your current equipment or customize it by adding more of a personalized touch with unique equipment and gadgets. Also, don’t forget to get yourself a new gorgeous bright women’s wetsuit or diving leggings to wear once you go diving again (especially as right now they are including a special reusable mask to help with the current situation). Add your personality and flair to your dive, look good, feel good dive good. Let us embrace nature and take its inspiration to free our inner mermaid.

Find that perfect dive destination, where will you be diving once set free?

Do your research and have a good plan.

Make that personal connection with your dive operator now and build a perfect friendship that will blossom into the dive trip of a lifetime. The dive operators we are in contact with are eager to come back from this with improved customer service and high drive for your wishes to not just be met but exceeded. Take the opportunity to take advantage of this push from the industry and strike a great deal for your next package.

Were you planning on continuing your diving education when the hands of time seemed to stop in the diving industry? If so… then this may still be able to continue as many dive shops and different

agencies are offering free materials or discounts to complete the theory parts of courses online.

Use your free time and take advantage of this today, some great courses that you can start looking into include theory only courses such as the PADI specialty course Enriched Air specialty, Project aware specialist or Coral reef conservation. SSI currently has also the Shark Ecology and science of diving should you be ready to take the step further. All of these can be studied and completed online with the assistance of your instructor whilst keeping to the social distancing measures. If you were planning on starting your Open water diver course or above, this can still be started and the theory can be completed online with your instructor. The dive industry managed to organize quickly and adapt to the current times. By doing this you are then able to complete the water section of the course at a date when possible and restrictions revoked. TIP from our ambassadors! Feeling a little nervous to get back to diving or think you don’t remember everything? They highly recommend the PPB specialty course (peak performance buoyancy), spending a little time with your instructor to talk over the importance of buoyancy on a dive. Whilst also giving you the perfect chance to ask any questions you feel need to be asked. Remember that diving instructors are there for you, the customer, and the love of the ocean. Then complete your water work with some buoyancy skills that include and not limited to extended hover, corrective weight options, and test. The practice of buoyancy in a real dive situation and also controlled descents and ascents. Giving you the perfect first dive which is with an instructor to guide you and also being able to feel your confidence and understanding to develop.

If when looking over your theory you feel out of your depth, or it has been so long that you don’t know where it is, worry not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and no matter how nervous you are there are ways to calm those nerves, build your confidence, and get yourself back underwater again. The best thing that I can suggest for you to do is to get in touch with a dive shop, get to know an instructor, build trust with them, and see what they say. The connection between your self and dive instructor/guide will make a big difference, not only to your confidence but your overall enjoyment of diving and experience.

Instructors are trained to work with students and to build your confidence. Discuss your options with an instructor and they will find the best way to get you back diving again. There are a few options of things you can do, if it has been a long time you have the option of a full ‘reactivate’ this is completing the knowledge and skills from the open water course again and starting from the beginning in a confined water environment again.

If you are feeling a little more comfortable you may be ready to start straight in the open water with your instructor. Refreshing the knowledge together and some of the most important skills in the shallows before going off to complete a dive with them. Most people tend to find that after this session they feel much more confident and it all comes flooding back.

Whatever you choose, know that it is all about building confidence. The most important thing is to get back in the water again, at a pace that you are comfortable with. If you have any queries or questions please feel free to contact us. Our team of professional Aurora ambassadors very helpful and have your best interest at heart. No question too big or small.

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