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Life in Plastic is Not Fantastic

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I used to be the girl who loved to buy tons of cosmetics and skin products and hair products and guess what? 95% of these products all came in (not at all) beautiful plastic containers. Would I mind about that? Honestly, absolutely not. Not because I didn’t care about the impact of plastic on the environment but, as simple and scary as it is, because I did not know about it.

I am not sure if it was me not looking into the matter and avoiding any kind of green input from the outside, or if the movements trying to protect the environment intensified in the last years. Anyway it is not a matter of whose fault it was, what matters is that scuba diving gave me the incredible opportunity of seeing the world from a totally different perspective and made me conscious about what is happening around us, every day faster and faster.

When I started to travel, I was working and living in luxurious 5* properties, where everything around me was beautiful, clean and brand new. Guest rooms would offer plastic bottles toiletries nicely packed, buffet would serve single us butter containers, bar would offer tiny plastic soda bottles. How amazing to see from the outside. But when I started finding those little items during my dives, together with plastic bags, soda cans, I started to wonder what was wrong with people. Why would we use the ocean or the beach, as an open air garbage area?


Nobody had to teach me that if I encountered some garbage underwater, the best decision would have been to pick it up and take it out of the water. It just happened for the first time as I was diving this pretty reef in Maldives; I was the last of the diving group, everyone saw that plastic bag stuck on a coral but nobody took it. I really wondered why. Then I thought that if nobody had done it, then it would have been me. And from that day on, I never stopped picking up garbage no matter where I am.

Not only, if I have some free time I walk down the beach and pick up stuff: cigarettes butts, empty bottles, cotton buds, anything that doesn’t belong must be taken out. And this habit I bring it with me also when I am back “in the real world”, for example when I walk my dog at the park or when I am jogging around my city.

What we can do? Act, open our eyes and absolutely do not look away. While ignoring what is around us seems to be the easiest behavior, it is the worst thing we can do, not only for the planet but for ourselves, because as a recent slogan states, There is No Planet B. A lot of people have a giving up attitude because they believe it’s too late or because they believe someone else will do something. Cleaning up after us is something that should be just in our nature; I am sure everybody likes to have a clean house, then why do we feel free to pollute what is outside our walls?


The word ambassador has become so popular nowadays; if you roam around Instagram, it looks like everyone can be an ambassador, whether is a make-up brand, an action cameras dealer, an online clothes shop; it is a new way to promote what the company sells, no special skills required, maybe just a good amount of followers that helps.

I do feel honored of being an Aurora Wetsuits Ambassador, I love the vibrant colors of the products and the thoughts behind them; I looked into this company because joining the team gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts, to write about my passion and my love for the ocean. And of course it makes me dive with style!

However I first and foremost see myself as an ocean and planet ambassador. When I teach new divers how to breath underwater, how to behave in presence of fish, it just comes natural to teach them as well how to respect the environment we are entering because we are stepping in someone else’s house. I strongly believe that every single drop in the ocean makes the difference; I will always carry on speaking about environment conservation and respect, starting among my family members, my friends and the people I get to meet every day.

I am working on an article entirely dedicated to travel hacks when visiting remote areas where recycling is almost like a taboo, I hope you’ll follow me through this adventure because every small action sums up to the bigger one!

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