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Dress the part - Scuba Wetsuits and Dive Leggings for women

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

- Mark Jacobs

One of the questions asked in the final exam of becoming a certified diver is “what should be the major considerations when purchasing diving equipment and gear?” They give you the options of suitability, fit, functionality…you get the idea. One of the options is brand (which I interpret as color and style as well) It might surprise you that the final option is the only one that is not something to be truly concerned about. I have to say, I beg to differ.

Ever since I became a diver, I couldn’t understand why so many of my fellow ocean-loving friends all looked the exact same underwater. All black and to me, all pretty boring.

The first thing I did before buying a mask or even a pair of diving leggings was to figure out what

would make me stand out while underwater. How my equipment would make me look more like

a mermaid and less like a seal. Each decision I made regarding equipment, gear, and my

colorful wetsuits were made the same way I would choose clothes on land. I wanted the way I

looked to match the way I felt while underwater. I wanted people to be able to see right away

that this girl was born to be a mermaid, in body, soul and even diving equipment.

Finding Aurora Wetsuits for me was one of the best finds in terms of dive equipment. Now women can really express themselves underwater. Feel good, look good and dive good. I dive in warm tropical waters and opt for the diving leggings most of the time. When the water drops to the freezing 27°C (81°F) it's time to put on my fun wetsuit. I love the front zip on the women's shorty wetsuit and the ease of putting this wetsuit on and off. Designed by a woman this brand is aiming to make diving wetsuit for women of all shapes and sizes! Look for plus size women's wetsuits in the new Bohemian collection and stay tuned for the release of women's petite sizing next year.

I gained a bit of a reputation for having matching colors and embodying any and everything mermaid pretty soon. Now, this might sound a little crazy, and even slightly excessive, but at a certain point, I even went so far as to add purple to my blonde hair (very mermaid-esque I might add) which happened to match my purple fins, and purple BCD.

(As a side note I may have managed to also convince my boyfriend that purple would look good on him too. So I went ahead and first made his naturally dark hair blonde and then purple. It looked good for about a day until the chlorine in the swimming pool he was teaching in reacted rather badly with the dye and suffice to say, I still haven’t heard the end of that.)

The point I’m trying to make is if black’s your color then sure that’s great, but so many of us are so colorful and vibrant on land, so why not underwater where there’s even more reason to embody our inner mermaid or merman. So ladies! I encourage you to be playful with your

colorful wetsuits and diving leggings.

If clothing is really a form of self-expression then I want to be able to express myself in every beautiful color there is…so long as they match my color scheme, of course.

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