Aurora Wetsuits Mask Strap

The Aurora Wetsuits Mask strap cover, a high-quality neoprene mask strap cover that fits over your standard mask strap. Compliment your diving leggings or women’s diving wetsuit with this colorful mask strap.


The smooth neoprene cover reduces problematic hair tangling common to rubber and plastic standard mask straps. Increasing the ease of use for donning on and off and highly improves comfort during your dives.


Add a burst of color and be easily recognizable with your beautifully designed Aurora wetsuits mask strap. Goes well with all of our women’s scuba wetsuits or diving leggings.


Aurora wetsuits mask strap dimensions:

length 21cm 

height 10.5cm

Aurora Wetsuits Mask strap

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How to find the right wetsuit size

Please measure, our sizes might not match other wetsuit and clothes manufacturers.

BUST - measure over the fullest part of your bust

WAIST - measure above the belly button around the smallest part of your waist

HIPS - measure at the widest part of your hips

TIP: if you do not have a soft measuring tape handy, use a piece of string and a ruler


Divine and Ocean Spirit wetsuits are durable and less stretchy. We recommend opting for a larger size.

New Bohemian collection, on the other hand, is quite stretchy and allows for larger measurements. So if you are ordering Bohemian shorty or long wetsuit needing for example size 12 (US 8) - choose size M.

If you are not sure you picked the right wetsuit size or struggle to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to make a plus size women's wetsuit in a chosen design on request.