Women's Shorty Wetsuit Scuba Diving Gear for Women Beautiful Mermaid Design 3mm Springsuit

Wetsuit Features:

  • 3 mm
  • Shaped for the female body
  • Top-quality pressure-resistant neoprene
  • Flattering fit and unique design
  • Anti-flush sleeves
  • Durable YKK front zip with lock
  • Zip flush guard


We have designed the ultimate female wetsuit to enhance your scuba diving adventures. Featuring many comfort details and beautiful designs, be ready to bring that inner mermaid to the surface.


Made of the top class 4-way stretch neoprene and lycra this shorty will become your best buddy in the water always keeping you warm and comfortable.


Tailored for women, the unique cut perfectly fits the female body shape bringing out the best of your figure. The right length of shorts will flatter your booty while still holding it in its place wherever you stretch or bend. Super practical on this women's shorty is also front zip. Quick-release and relax for your chest on surface interval.


The 3mm wetsuit thickness and long sleeves make it the best shorty for scuba diving in 26-30 °C (79-86°F) water temperature. If you are surfing, kite, or wakeboarding our wetsuit will keep you warm in water temperatures starting at 20 °C (68°F).


Want to feel like a mermaid? Jump into our unique women’s shorty wetsuit, express yourself, have fun, and dive in style!

Ocean Spirit women's shorty wetsuit

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  • She was born to be a mermaid, living in harmony with the ocean. Free and effervescent just like the waves and believing in the power of a single moment. She is at one with the ocean, she can be kind calm and beautiful but also wild and furious at times. Fascinated by spending her free time searching the oceans magical mysteries. Although she knows life is not always fun the ocean is always her place to be free and herself.

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