Wetsuit Design

Women’s scuba wetsuits traditionally tend to be more about functionality than being fun. Wetsuits and scuba dive leggings needn’t be boring though, and it IS possible to have the best of both! We believe the best women’s wetsuits and dive leggings should be not simply functional, but also comfortable and have a feel-good factor that boosts your confidence and allows you to perform to the best of your abilities. Colour and design play a huge part in this, as studies have shown that women who feel confident in their attire become more accomplished in their fields. Dress like a pro, feel like a pro, act like a pro!

Best for Scuba Diving

Of course, the functionality of any given wetsuit is still important and will vary depending on whatever water-based adventures you take part in. This is why at Aurora Wetsuits, we decided to stick to what we know best and focus solely on women’s wetsuits for scuba diving. Our range of women’s shorty wetsuits, women’s long wetsuits, women’s plus size wetsuits, and women’s diving leggings feature our signature designs that give you ultimate style, and freedom of both expression and movement in the water. So be bold. Be adventurous. Be a mermaid with Aurora Wetsuits!

Wetsuit Collections

Our signature Divine, Bohemian, and Ocean Spirit women’s wetsuit lines all feature top quality fabrics and bright, vibrant designs to give you the ultimate feel-good factor. All are 3mm, designed to perfectly fit and flatter the female form, have anti-flush collars and sleeves, and durable YKK zips with zip locks. All of our wetsuits for diving are made from top quality, pressure-resistant neoprene. Our women’s long wetsuits have a back zipper with zip puller, while our women’s shorty wetsuits have a front zip.