Whether you are a retailer or dive club, we believe Aurora women’s scuba wetsuits and scuba dive leggings would be a perfect choice for your female customers. Our brand value lies in creating unique, durable and high-quality merchandise that make women feel inspired and empowered. All of our women’s shorty wetsuits, women’s long wetsuits, and women’s diving leggings are designed by professional divers, focusing on a sustainable product tailored for the modern day woman. We believe that all women should feel comfortable, confident and attractive in their diving attire, so each of our designs is available as a women’s plus size wetsuit as well as in standard measurements.

Not sure if Aurora Wetsuits are for you?
  • Does your business or dive club cater to female divers?

  • Do you agree women should have access to wetsuits for diving that are fun as well as functional?

  • Would you like to help meet the demand for colourful, comfortable and quality products that make your female divers feel their best?

  • Do your customers take dive trips where they’ll need exposure protection in waters ranging from 22°C (72°F) and up?

  • Do you want to partner with an eco-focused business committed to building a sustainable brand?

If the answers to any of these questions are yes, we’ve love to hear from you, and work together to give the female diving community a product they both look and feel great in! Aurora’s range of fun wetsuits provides a unique opportunity to draw in potential customers and expand your current market. So contact us today, and let’s create the perfect partnership to empower female divers together!

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